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Teaching for Inclusion workshop

May 12th and 13th 2021 

For more information about the workshop and the presenters and to access the session resources, visit the information page.


8-week Inclusive Teaching Summer Grant Program


What: A summer faculty grant program to develop inclusive teaching practices. CETL/AIG will pay each participant as well as a pre-tax stipend of $2,000.00 for completing the program. We anticipate funding 12 grant applications.

Who is eligible: All who teach undergraduates at the University including graduate instructors and staff with teaching responsibilities. Applications from those teaching summer sections will be preferred, and we also invite those who are interested to also attend our May 12-13 workshop Inclusive Teaching Practices Workshop, but neither are required for participation.

How: As a member of a virtual community of practice, hosted by external partner Lumen Learning, you’ll share ideas and feedback with peers as you learn to practice inclusive teaching strategies and reflect on their classroom applications. Through learning by doing and experience-sharing, you’ll develop your teaching capabilities with techniques that engage students and help them to feel seen, respected, and included as capable partners in the learning process. Expert community facilitators guide you to identify your strengths and discover additional areas for growth. Learn more about the program and register at Lumen Circles Fellowships.

When: Two identical sessions will be offered, and applicants can choose from either: Session 1: June 2 to July 28 (eight weeks) or Session 2: June 23 to August 18 (eight weeks)

Questions? Please contact Patti O’Sullivan at


AY 2021/2022 Inclusive Teaching Faculty Learning Community

What: A year-long faculty learning community to goal-set, implement, measure, and report out on inclusive teaching strategies. 

Who is eligible: All who teach undergraduates at the University including graduate instructors and staff with teaching responsibilities. Applicants do not need to have participated in the May workshop or the summer learning circles to be considered for the program. The inclusive teaching planning committee will vet applications and choose 12 faculty members for participation.

Compensation: Awarded grant participants will be compensated $4,000 pre-tax, with one half-payment in the month of September 2021 and one half-payment in the month of May 2022.

How: After an initial kickoff meeting in August, faculty will meet monthly to discuss their progress, support each other, and develop collaborative insights around inclusive teaching strategies. Faculty will brainstorm and develop inclusive teaching redesigns at the course level during fall 2021 and implement those course redesigns during spring 2022. At a final meeting in May, faculty will present their findings to the UM community.

Register for the program at AY 2021/2022 Faculty Learning Community.

When: August 2021 – May 2022, monthly meetings TBD by availability of participants.

UM Pathways to Equity Plan

Why inclusive teaching?

What is inclusive teaching?

Inclusive teaching resources