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Liberal Arts Outstanding Teacher of the Year

Sponsored by: The College of Liberal Arts

Nominations due: April 13th

Eligibility: Faculty of professional rank (Assistant Professor through Full Professor) in the College of Liberal Arts. Temporary and visiting faculty as well as previous recipients are not eligible.

Selection Criteria: Nomination may be submitted to the Office of the Dean, the College of Liberal Arts. Criteria include, but are not limited to, excellence of class instruction, intellectual stimulation of students, and concern for students’ welfare.

Recognition:The recipient will be recognized during the College’s commencement ceremony, has his or her name added to award plaques in the Dean’s office, and receives $1,000.

About the Award: In 1985, the College of Liberal Arts began recognizing the Liberal Arts Outstanding Teacher of the Year.

Past and Current Recipients:

  • 2005 John R. Neff – History
  • 2006 Ann Fisher-Wirth – English
  • 2007 Sheri Rieth – Art
  • 2008 Daniel O’Sullivan – Modern Languages
  • 2009 Ross Haenfler – Sociology & Anthropology
  • 2010 Jason Klodt – Modern Languages
  • 2011 Beth Ann Fennelly – English
  • 2012 Susan Pedigo – Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • 2013 Felice Coles – Modern Languages
  • 2014 Jay Watson – English
  • 2015 Kathryn McKee- English & Southern Studies
  • 2016 Gerard J. Buskes – Mathematics
  • 2017 Matt Long- Art
  • 2018 Nidhi Vij Mali – Public Policy Leadership
  • 2019 Heather J. Allen – Modern Languages

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