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Spring 2016

  • Study USA:  Experiential Learning from a Pedagogical Point of View

Laura Antonow and Kristina Phillips from the UM’s Office of College Programs in the Division of Outreach and Continuing Education addressed how to cultivate the pedagogy of experiential learning at our institution and Study USA policies and procedures.

  • Writing Skills Transfer via Sustained, Interdisciplinary, Writing Center-Sponsored Writing Groups

Richard “Dickie” Selfe, Ohio State University, addressed research on the value of writing groups sponsored by writing centers.  Following a brief description of the logistics and procedures involved creating and maintaining writing groups, Dr. Self described results and applications.

  • Active Learning Classrooms

Drs. Tiffany Bensen, Anne Klingen, Kerri Scott, Lucile McCook, Adam Smith, and John O’Haver, UM, participated in a panel discussion regarding current trends in learning spaces and their influences on pedagogy.

  • Verification of Student Identity in Online Classes

UM faculty and staff members, Anne Klingen, Marie Barnard, Andrew Davis, Robert Mongue, and Vance Schaefer, conducted a panel discussion concerning the new attendance verification procedures required for all credit-bearing courses and programs offered through online learning methods.

Winter 2016

  • Effective College Teaching Through Active and Cooperative Learning

Drs. Richard Felder and Rebecca Brent, North Carolina State University, conducted a special two-day workshop on active and cooperative learning techniques for UM Faculty.

Fall 2015