Graduate Instructor Teaching Seminar November 2018
Faculty Development Luncheon Nov 18 Dave Kung
Graduate Instructor Teaching Seminar October 2018
Faculty Development Luncheon October 2018 Bob Cummings
Faculty Development Luncheon October 2018
Faculty Development Luncheon_Sept. 2018
Graduate Instructor Seminar_Sept 2018
Faculty Development Luncheon Sept. 2018
New Faculty Reception Sept. 2018
GI Training August 2018
Winter Workshop Jan. 2018
Faculty Poster Session April 2018

Who We Are

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning was established in 2007 to promote student learning by continually improving teaching at The University of Mississippi. The Center works to provide resources and assistance to faculty members related to their teaching endeavors.

Recognizing that learning is a process that needs constant attention and refinement, the Center works to promote an ongoing, university-wide discussion about teaching and learning issues. It is essential that faculty be engaged in dialogue about teaching and learning issues so that we can continue to adapt to the changing technology, student body, and understanding in our fields.

To learn more about the Center click here – History.