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Poster Session and Luncheon


UM CETL invited faculty to share their involvement in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) at the end of the Spring 2019 Semester. SoTL’s goal is to facilitate improvements in all areas of teaching and learning in post-secondary environments.

The 2019 SoTL poster session and luncheon was a success.  UM faculty members from various disciplines presented posters describing their projects and discussed teaching and learning with their colleagues.  Please see below for a sample of presenters and posters.

PresentersPoster Title
Alicia S. Bouldin (PHARM) & Matthew T. Becker (PHARM) Student Perceptions of Tutoring in Pre-Pharmacy Courses
Meg Barnes (BUS) & Wesley Dickens (BUS)Resume Writing Best Practices
Mann, Lopez, Crosby (NHM), & O'Haver (ENGR)
Nutrition and Engineering Interprofessional Education
Katie Busby (IREP), & Kate Kellum (IREP)

Think Forward: Early Critical Thinking Skills
Slattery, Valcarcel, Sharp, Beard, & Campbell (PHARM)Matters of Design: Teaching pre-pharmacy courses with technology-rich, high-engagement strategies
Sarah Campbell (PHARM), David Colby (PHARM), & Ziaeddin Shariat-Madar (PHARM) Video Conferencing Software Impact on Teaching
Kristen Pate (PHARM), Meagen Rosenthal (PHARM), Sarah Campbell (PHARM), & Jennifer Toth (PHARM) Self-directed Learning in First Professional Year Pharmacy Students in a Pharmacists' Patient Care Process Course Utilizing Adaptive Learning Technology
Sally Earl (PHARM), & Adam Pate (PHARM) Proposal for a Curriculum Quality Assurance Program Utilizing LEAN Methodologies
Shirley Gray (DWR), & Lindsey Abernathy (SUS)Campus 2 LabCampus as a Lab: Engaging Composition Students
Susan Gaunt Stearns (HIST)Historical Thinking Skills in Introductory Classes
Kimberly Kaiser (SAS), Anne Cafer (SOC), Timmi Unger (NHM), & Georgianna Mann (NHM)College2Youth: Design of Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research Experience
Patricia O'Sullivan (PLATO)MS Z-degree Program
Andrew Davis (DWR), Karen Forgette (DWR), & Guy Krueger DWR) The Synergy of OER, Courseware, and Local Context
Alexander Lopez (ENGR) Influence of Multidisciplinary Educational Experiences on Engineering and Nutrition Student Perceptions on Collaboration and Soft Skill Development
Marc Watkins (DWR)Real-Time Assessment in Writing Intensive Courses