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CETL Mini-Grants

The purpose of CETL mini-grants is to support faculty and staff with the development and/or execution of initiatives aimed at improving teaching and/or student learning.  Successful mini-grant applications will propose projects that have clear, direct, and significant influence on teaching and/or student learning within courses, programs, or disciplines.  For more information, please select the following link:  CETL  Mini-Grants Information

CETL Travel Grants

The purpose of CETL Travel Grants is to support UM faculty’s and instructional staff’s attendance to conferences and workshops devoted to teaching and learning in higher education. See Teaching and Learning Conferences for a sampled list of annual events. For more information, please see CETL Travel Grant Information.


Z-Degree Initiative:  Open Educational Resources (OER) Development Grant

An initiative to replace traditional textbooks with open educational resources is available to faculty at Mississippi’s public universities and community colleges.  Development stipends are awarded.  The application deadline is October 2018.  For more information, please select the link above.

Note: The application deadline for the OER Grant has been extended beyond October 17.  Please contact Bob Cummings for details at