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Outstanding Law Professor Award

Sponsored by: Lamar Order and the School of Law

Nominations due: April

Eligibility: Law faculty members

Selection Criteria: This is a student-driven award. All law students are allowed to nominate a professor; they must give a written nomination. A student selection committee put together by the LSSB president selects the Outstanding Law Professor.

Recognition: The award is displayed in the Khayat Law Center’s Donor Lobby. The recipient also receives a plaque and is recognized at the Law School’s Scholarship Reception and the Graduation Program. Each year’s recipient reads the names of the graduates during UM’s School of Law’s Graduation Ceremony.

About the Award: First presented in 1988 to honor outstanding contributions to legal education.

Past and Current Recipients:

  • 1988 William M. Champion
  • 1994 Robert C. Khayat
  • 2004 Robert A. Weems
  • 2006 Jack W. Nowlin
  • 2007 Richard Barnes
  • 2009 William W. Berry, III
  • 2012 Jack W. Nowlin
  • 2014 Mercer Bullard
  • 2015 Samuel Davis
  • 2016 John Czarnetzky
  • 2017 Larry Pittman
  • 2018 Donna Davis
  • 2019 Antonia Eliason
  • 2020 John Czarnetzky