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Cora Lee Graham Award for Outstanding Teaching of Freshmen

Sponsored by: Cora Lee Graham of Union City, Tennessee

Nominations due: April 13

Eligibility: Limited to faculty of professional rank (Assistant Professor through Full Professor) in the College of Liberal Arts who are actively involved in teaching 100-or 200-level courses or other courses intended primarily for freshmen. Temporary and visiting faculty as well as previous recipients are not eligible.

Selection Criteria: Nominations should be submitted to the Office of the Dean, College of Liberal Arts. Criteria includes, but is not limited to, excellence of class instruction, intellectual stimulation of students, and concern for students’ welfare.

Recognition: The recipient is recognized during the College’s commencement ceremony, has his or her name added to award plaques in the Dean’s office, and received $1,000.

About the Award: In 1984, Cora Lee Graham of Union City, Tennessee, established an endowment and directed that the proceeds from her gift be used “to help retain your better professors who teach the freshman classes” in the College of Liberal Arts.

Past and Current Recipients:

  • 2005 Aileen Ajootian – Classics
  • 2006 Joe Turner Cantu – Theatre Arts
  • 2007 Jason Ritchie – Chemisty & Biochemistry
  • 2008 Tamar Goulet – Biology
  • 2009 Greg Tschumper – Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • 2010 Sarah Louisa (Lou) Haney – Art
  • 2011 Eric Weber – Public Policy Leadership
  • 2012 Jeff Jackson – Sociology & Anthropology
  • 2013 Sarah Moses – Philosophy & Religion
  • 2014 Melvin Arrington – Modern Languages
  • 2015 Hilary Becker – Classics
  • 2016 Joshua Brinlee – Art
  • 2017 Steven Davis – Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • 2018 Molly Pasco-Pranger – Classics
  • 2019 Colin Jackson – Biology
  • 2020 Catarina Passidomo – Southern Studies/Anthropology
  • 2021 Neil Manson – Philosophy