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Video-Recording Classes

The Center will video-record classes for any university teacher. An initial appointment is required prior to the actual video-recording, at which time the following will be discussed.

  • Goals and focus of the video-recording session
  • Plan to tell students about the video-recording and with explanations that no individual students will be recorded, nor will any video-recording be used for any purpose other than to provide feedback to the teacher about the session
  • Actual video-recording of class to focus only on the teacher
  • Observation of the video-recording by the Center staff involved with notes made to review with the teacher
  • Observation of the video-recording by the teacher
  • Conference of the Center staff member and the teacher with any subsequent recommendations made to the teacher
  • Video-recording becomes the property of the teacher with a recommendation to be erased during the semester of the recording

Conferences regarding video-recording sessions are private with only the teacher and the Center staff member involved. All reports are given to the teacher.