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A Few Important Academic Policies


ACA.AR.100.003 Course numbering system & enrollment eligibility
Pre-requisites: exceptions & failures
ACA.AR.200.001 Academic advising
Full-time course load, maximum course load & exceptions
Official withdrawal from University & refund of fees
Pre-requisites: exceptions & failures
Registration: Priority, late; late withdrawal; drop-add
Unofficial withdrawal & financial aid implications
ACA.AR.200.002 Final exam: late arrival, failure to appear, schedule & exceptions
No major exams during finals week & exceptions
ACA.AR.200.003 Semester hour definition
Class attendance guidelines (same as ACA.AR.200.004)
Pass/fail grade for EL classes
Grade symbols
Grade points and GPA
Grades: F, P, Z, I, IP, W, Z option, X
Change of grade
Repeating a course
Forgiveness Policy
ACA.AR.200.004 Class attendance guidelines
Responsibilities of instructors (attendance policies)
Responsibilities of students (attendance)
Student athletes & organizations’ absences for school-sanctioned events
Reasonable accommodations for anticipated absence & appeal process
ACA.AR.200.010 Guidelines for textbook assignments
ACA.AR.300.002 Evaluation of transfer credit
Dual enrollment
ACA.AR.400.001 General degree requirements
Academic residency requirements
Curriculum changes
Declaring a major
Degree application
Diploma application
Dual major and second Bachelor’s degree
University core requirements
General Education student learning outcomes
Minimum credit hours
Minimum GPA
Second Bachelor’s degree
ACA.AR.600.001 Academic conduct and discipline
Academic misconduct: examples & procedures related to AM charges
Disciplinary procedures
Penalties: Disciplinary probation, suspension, expulsion
Standards of honesty
ACA.AR.600.002 Academic grade appeal policy & procedure
ACA.AR.700.001 Access to students’ educational records (FERPA)
ACA.EO.200.001 Policy for students with disabilities
Commitment statement on disability access
Rights & Responsibilities: Faculty/Staff, Students, and University
University policies & procedures overview
Office of SDS: Purposes & procedures
Appeal & complaint procedures
Confidentiality of records
Policies for individual academic modifications