Poster Session and Luncheon


UM CETL invited faculty to share their involvement in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) at the end of the Spring 2017 Semester. SoTL’s goal is to facilitate improvements in all areas of teaching and learning in post-secondary environments.

Our first SoTL poster session and luncheon was a huge success.  Seventeen UM faculty members from various disciplines presented posters describing their SoTL projects and discussed teaching and learning with their colleagues for much of the afternoon.  The presenters and poster titles are listed below.

PresentersPoster Title
Alicia S. Bouldin, Matthew T. Becker, & , Ashley S. Crumby (PHARM)Measuring Co-Curricular Professionalism in Pharmacy Students: Analysis of the Behavioral Professionalism Assessment
Alicia S. Bouldin, Ph.D. (PHARM)Examining a Model of Student Involvement with Learning and Intrinsic Motivation to Learn
Carol Britson (BISC) & Kelsey Hillhouse (BISC)
Bring Your Own Device Initiative to Improve Engagement and Performance in Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratories
Carol Britson (BISC) & Anna O'Connor (BISC)

Analysis of Joint Dysfunction During an Aging-simulation, Laboratory Exercise for Allied Health Students
Katie Busby, Kate Kellum, & Grace Belt (IREP)Student Participation in High Impact Practices
Bob Cummings & George McDaniel (DWR)Teaching with Wikipedia at the University of Mississippi
Svjetlana Curcic (SOE) & Rachel Johnson (DWR)Interdisciplinary Scholarship: Focus on Postsecondary Students’ Writing
Kristin Davidson (CIS) & Qiang Cheng (SOE)Comparing Online and Live Lecture Courses
Phillis George (SOE)Reimagining the Student Evaluation: Using Democratic Frameworks and SWOT Analyses to Improve Teaching and Learning
Tamar Goulet and Denis Goulet (BISC)Scoot Scantrons, Alphanumeric Clickers are Coming
Linda Keena (LEGAL STUDIES)Empathy-Focused Learning: Can Empathy be Taught?
Laurel Lambert & Kathy Knight (NHM)Experiential Learning: Value of Incorporating Research into a Graduate Course: Students' Perspectives
Alexandria Leidt & Kate Kellum (PSYCH)Let's Discuss: Group Size, Performance and Enjoyability in an Inter-teaching Class
Alice Johnston Myatt (DWR) & Deidra Jackson (SOE)Faculty Writing Groups: An Approach to Increasing Published Scholarship
Patricia O'Sullivan & Manasi Suryavanshi (PHARM)Active Learning in a Flipped Classroom
Brenda Prager (CHEM E)Personalized Learning in Higher Education
Jason Ritchie (CHEM)Implementation of Calibrated Peer Review Writing in General Chemistry