SI Leaders

SI leaders are students who have attended special SI-training and have taken the course you are taking now. Their professors recommended them for SI because they used good strategies to do well in this course.
SI CoursesSI LeadersEmail
Accounting 201/202Patrick Waters
Accounting 201/202Navodit
Biology 102Mackenzie
Biology 102Anna Bowles
Biology 102Micah
Biology 102Angela Stephens
Biology 102David
Biology 160/162Brianna
Biology 160/162Landon
Biology 206/207Jaye Sydni
Biology 206/207Jessi
Biology 336Lauren Byrd
Biology 336Rush Butler
Chemistry 101Megan
Chemistry 105Tony
Chemistry 105Spencer
Chemistry 105Katelyn Barnes
Chemistry 106Matthew 
Chemistry 106Genevieve Verville
Chemistry 106Abby
Chemistry 106Sierra
Chemistry 222
Robert Pickering
Chemistry 222
Katie Bracken
Chemistry 222
Sierra Greiner
Chemistry 222
Christopher Dorroh
Chemistry 221Alexander
Math 121Jason
Math 261Chris
Math 261Chase
Phys 213Mina
Phys 214Mina
Psy 201Ashby
Psy 201David
Span 211Mollie
Span 111Jessica
SI MentorJordan
SI Mentor Leigha
SI MentorJordan
SI Assistant John Heard

SI Leader Bios


Patrick Waters – ACCY 201/202

Major:B.Accy. in Accountancy

About me: I am a sophomore accounting major from St. Louis, MO. I enjoy golf, tennis, and SEC football.


Navodit Paudel – ACCY 201/202

Major: Economics

About me: I am a Junior at Ole Miss majoring in Economics. I am an international student from Kathmandu, Nepal. Upon graduation, I want to pursue a career as a Financial Analyst. Besides my academic life, I really enjoy playing Table Tennis and love adventure trips. During summer 2018, I completed an International Business internship in Thailand. I am currently a  Senator of the Associated Student Body, former Secretary of Nepalese Students’ Association at Ole Miss and former Vice-president of Ole Miss Table Tennis club.


Mackenzie Reilly – BISC 102 (Johnson)

Major: B.S. in Biology

About me: I am a junior from Macon, Missouri. After receiving my undergraduate, I plan to attend medical school. As a freshman, I attended SI sessions that greatly enhanced my success and growth in the class. I learned new study habits and ways of approaching the material that I hope to pass on. I highly encourage all students to attend SI sessions, not only to better their grade, but to become a better student, too. I can’t wait to see you there!


Abby Johnson – Chem 106

Major: B.A. in Biology

About me: I am from St. Charles, Missouri. I am a member of Pi Beta Phi sorority and Phi Kappa Phi Honors society. I plan to attend medical school after I graduate this coming spring. SI has made a tremendous impact on me (and my grades) the last three years in many of my courses. It has taught me to be a better student in and out of the classroom and has given me different learning techniques and skills that I have carried with me throughout all my courses here at Ole Miss.






Landon Goodreau – BISC 162

Major: B.S. in Biology

About Me: I’m from Mandeville, Louisiana. I’m involved in many clubs and organizations on campus including The Climbing Club, a club that I helped create. When I graduate from Ole Miss, I plan on going to Medical School in order to become a doctor. I can really vouch for SI because it helped me pass my introductory biology class freshman year. It’s a great setting to get together with classmates in order to review the material, ask questions about something you might not have understood in lecture, or just practice what you do know. It’s a great program that allows students to further their learning and succeed in their classes


Angela Stephens– Bisc 102

Major: B.S. in Dietetics and Nutrition

About me: My hometown is Hattiesburg, Mississippi. I am currently involved in the Student Dietetics Association on campus. The organization prepares and educates students about the pathway to becoming a registered dietitian nutritionist. This organization also encourages healthy eating habits amongst students through various activities and volunteer opportunities throughout the community. An SI leader gives students the extra help and study tools they need in order to successfully pass a specific course. These SI sessions are offered by the University for free and give students the opportunity review course material that was covered in lecture with an SI leader and other students who are also in the same class. As a result, study networks between students are developed, study habits are strengthened, and grades improve.


Brianna Chambers – Bisc 160/162

Major: B.S. in Biology

About me: I am currently a sophomore and I am from Williston, TN (about an hour east of Memphis). I am the Director of Sponsorship for RebelTHON and I am a part of the Honors College. I attended many SI sessions last year for BISC 160/162 and these sessions helped enforce the knowledge I was getting from lecture and the studying I was doing on my own. I love biology and I am very excited to be an SI leader!


Chase Lance – Math 261

Major: B.S. in Forensic Chemistry

About me: I’m a junior from Atlanta, Georgia. I hope to attend dental school after I finish my undergraduate here at Ole Miss. This will be my second year as an SI Leader and I hope that I can continue to help students succeed in biology!


Chris Lingthep – Math 261

Major: Computer Science

About me: I am a Junior at Ole Miss majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Mathematics. I am an International Student from Kathmandu, Nepal. My journey from Nepal to Moscow, Russia and eventually United States has been wonderful. I would like to pursue a career as a Front-End Developer. Apart from these, I am involved in several organizations on campus such as InterCom(Inter Cultural Communication), IASA.






Jessi Lockett – BISC 206/207

Major: B.A. Biology, Minor Psychology

About me: I am from Ocean Springs, MS. I am a member of the Panhellenic Executive Council and a 2018 Orientation Leader. I love service-based organizations and helping others, which is why I plan on pursuing a nursing career upon graduating. Bisc 206 and 207 are such important courses to prepare students for a career in the medical field, and Supplemental Instruction is a great outlet for students to engage in stimulating activities that will help improve comprehension of the material. Through statistical analysis, it has been proven that students who attend SI sessions score significantly higher on class assignments in comparison to those who do not attend. SI helped me delve deeper into the material and focus on topics I didn’t understand as clearly; as long as you stay dedicated, it can do the same for you!


Jaye Sydni Peterson – Bisc 206/207

Major: B.S. in Math with a Minor in Biology

About me: My full name is Jaye Sydni Peterson but I go by Sydni! I am from Clarksville, Tennessee, which is a small town just right outside of Nashville. After completing my undergraduate degree in Math at Ole Miss, I plan to further my education in pursuance of a career in the medical field. Currently on campus, I am a Phi Mu and serve on the executive council as Panhellenic Delegate. Additionally, I serve as Morale Captain for RebelTHON and I also am an ambassador for the Health Professions Advising Office. I love Ole Miss and all the opportunities it has already given me thus far! SI is such a great tool and one I lean a lot to succeed in my classes.  It allows students to work and grow together while gaining a greater knowledge of their course material. SI gives students the chance to practice, ask questions, and reach their fullest academic potential!


Lauren Byrd – BISC 336

Major: Psychology  Minor: Biology & Chemistry

About me: I am a senior from Hattiesburg, MS. I am studying psychology with the hopes of attending medical school after graduation. I have a passion for mental health and plan to continue my education with a mental health emphasis. Genetics has been one of my favorite courses at Ole Miss, and I cannot wait share my love for Gregor Mendel with everyone else!! This course can be challenging and that is why I am so excited to be a part of starting a SI session devoted to BISC 336; I hope that with my help each one of you can be successful in this course as well.


Rush Butler -Bisc 336

Major: B.A. in Biology

About me: I am from New Albany, Mississippi and I am majoring in Biology with a Pre-Med emphasis. After graduating, I hope to attend medical school and return to Mississippi to practice as Mississippi is one of the most medically underserved states in the country. I really enjoy biology but I find topics such as epigenetic and stem cells especially interesting. SI is not only a great opportunity for students ask questions and review material, but it is also fantastic for finding a peer group with the same interest. The community that SI forms among students helps facilitate learning as well as help network students together to help with more than just school. SI also helps students realize that generally they have the same questions as their classmates which leads to greater classroom participation.






Micah Stewart– Bisc 102

Major: B.A. in Biochemistry

About Me: Hey, everyone! I’m Micah and I’m a junior from Olive Branch, MS. I am involved in many organizations on campus like AMSA, SMACS, Alpha Kappa Psi, and Honors College, as well as different tutoring programs in the Oxford area. After graduating, I hope to attend medical school and go on to become a physician. I think that SI is a great learning experience, not only because it helps you learn the material, but because it actually makes it fun! Chemistry SI really helped me grasp the concepts behind the subject and come to love it, and I hope it can do the same for you!






Katelyn Barnes – Chem 105

Major: B.A. Biology

About me: I’m a sophomore from Tishomingo, MS.  I’m majoring in Biology and minoring in Chemistry with plans to go to medical school.  I’m the historian of Alpha Epsilon Delta, a Biology Bootcamp mentor, and a member of the Honors College.  I loved attending SI, and I feel like my grade reflected that.  I’m so excited to share my enthusiasm for chemistry.






Tony Van – CHEM 105/106 Leader

Major: Biochemistry

About me: I’m a junior from Madison, MS majoring in biochemistry and double minoring in biology and computer science. I’m on the Men’s Volleyball team here at Ole Miss and I’m an SI leader for Chem 105.

Spencer Franklin – CHEM 105/106 Leader

Major: Biochemistry

About me: My name is Spencer Franklin. I am from the great state of Texas and I am currently a sophomore Biochemistry major, Spanish minor, and Biology minor. I plan to attend medical school after my undergraduate degree with hopes of practicing surgical medicine. As a student who attended SI session prior to becoming an SI Leader, I personally know how SI helps you tackle hard classes. I really like how SI is a scheduled time that I can use to study with other students who also want to be successful in the same class. Even as an SI leader, I still attend SI sessions for my other classes to help me keep improving my grades and to help me meet other students.







Sierra Greiner – CHEM 105/106/222 Leader

Major: B.S. in Forensic Chemistry

About me: Hi! My name is Sierra Greiner and I am a sophomore majoring in Forensic Chemistry with a minor in Spanish. I am from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am a Supplemental Instruction leader for General Chemistry! Fun fact about myself: I am a second degree black belt in Karate and have been training in the martial arts for 11 years. I look forward to meeting you at one of my sessions!


Megan Gant – CHEM 101

Major: B.A. in Biochemistry

About me: I grew up in Cleveland, Mississippi. I am actively involved as a member of Chi Omega, and I am a member of the SMACS club as well as some other clubs on campus. After graduation, I plan to move to Jackson for Dental School because going into dentistry has always been a dream of mine. SI is a one of a kind chance to be able to meet with people your own age and better your study skills in your classes. Going to SI has not only helped me to do well on my tests, but it also has prepared me for my future in learning as I go throughout college and beyond.






Matt McPheron – Chem 105/106

Major: B.A. in Biology

About me: Hello! I am a senior from Columbus, Ohio studying Biology with a minor in chemistry with hopes to attend Optometry school after graduation. On campus, I am involved in ASB Senate and AED pre-health honors society. I am also the External Vice President of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. I have been attending SI since my freshman year and it had a huge impact on my understanding of lecture material. I am excited to be an SI Leader for Chem 105/106 and I hope to see you at my sessions!






Genevieve Verville – CHEM 105/106

Major: B.S. Chemistry (Biochemistry Emphasis)

About me: Hey, everyone! My name is Genevieve (feel free to call me Gen) and I’m a junior from Montgomery, AL majoring in Chemistry (biochemistry track) with minors in biology, mathematics, and psychology. I have been doing research for Dr. Hammer in the Chemistry department since my freshman year and hope to attend either graduate or medical school. Outside of research, I am involved with several organizations on and off campus: I am the External Executive Assistant to the ASB Presidemt, the “monarchy” for our Model United Nations team, an Assistant Director for National Model United Nations, Chair of the Star Wars Committee for MSMUN, a member of Alpha Omicron Pi, and an SI Leader. Last year I attended SI for Organic Chemistry and it had such a positive impact on me– I felt more comfortable in class because I met so many of my classmates through SI and gained a better understanding of the concepts/material covered. I wish I would have had SI for my classes I took freshman year, so I encourage you to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

Alex England – Chem 221

Majors: Biology/Chemistry

About me: My name is Alex England. I’m from a small town in Missouri about an hour south of St. Louis. I’m a sophomore biology major with a minor in chemistry. I am currently pre-med but plan on applying for physician assistant school at Missouri State.

Robert Pickering – CHEM 221/222

Major: BA in Biochemistry, Public Policy Leadership

About me: Please call me R.G. I’m an eighth generation Mississippian from Laurel, MS. Here at Ole Miss, I enjoy being a member of Sigma Chi, helping Ole Miss as a Student Ambassador, and doing research in the Chemistry Department under Dr. Delcamp. One day I hope to get through medical school to serve as a physician in the military. I applied to be a SI leader because SI served as the bridge between me being bombarded with information during class and me actually being able to apply that knowledge. Somehow, SI made organic fun and thus — shockingly — my favorite class this past year.


Katie Bracken — Chem 221/222

Major: B.S. Biochemistry

About Me: I’m a junior from Austin, Texas majoring in biochemistry and minoring in mathematics. On campus, I do research on plants and fungi for the USDA Natural Products Utilization Research Unit, am on the Leader’s Council of Alpha Omicron Pi, am in the honors college, and am a member of several other clubs, service organizations, and honors societies. In my spare time I love going to concerts and music festivals. I am so excited for the opportunity to share my passion for organic chemistry with students and help them overcome its challenges, like SI helped me to do last year! Hope to see y’all at my sessions!


Chris Dorroh – Chem 221/222 (Mattern)

Majors: Biochemistry and Anthropology

About me: Hey everyone! I am a junior from Memphis majoring in biochemistry and anthropology. Outside of class I’m involved as a research assistant in a pharmacology lab studying diabetes and heart disease, and I also am a volunteer tutor with the Leap Frog Program at Oxford Intermediate School. This is the first year that Dr. Mattern’s section will have an SI component, and I am really looking forward to being the SI leader for it. Although organic chemistry can be an intimidating subject for many students, it can also be extremely fun, and it is by far my favorite class that I have taken at Ole Miss. If you would like to gain a better understanding of organic chemistry (and make a better grade), please come out to my sessions!

Jason Dao – Math 121

Majors: Nutrition and Dietetics

About me: I am a sophomore from Madison, Mississippi. I am on the Men’s Ultimate Frisbee team here at Ole Miss. I plan on heading to UMMC as I am pursuing a nursing degree. SI is a great way to achieve a deeper understanding by dedicating time to the materials provided in class.

Anna Bowles – Bisc 102

Majors: Exercise Science

About me: I am from Mechanicsville, VA. I currently serve as Alpha Delta Pi’s Philanthropy Chair, and I am a member of the Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors College and the Gamma Beta Phi honor society. After graduation, I hope to attend Physical Therapy school and graduate with my DPT. SI is a great opportunity for students to further their understanding of Math 125 outside of the classroom. They are able to work together on extra practice problems and ask questions to make sure that they master each topic successfully.

Ashby Malloy – PSY 201

Major – Exercise Science/ Pre-PA

About me: Hi! I am from Atlanta, Georgia. On campus, I am member of the Provost Scholars and Chi Omega Fraternity. After graduating, I plan to attend Physician Assistant school. SI is something that students are very lucky to have as a resource! It gives students the chance to further their knowledge on Psychology and better grasp the information they are learning in class. SI is a place where people can come together and discuss what they do and do not understand. Getting insight into what the tests, quizzes or assignments will look like is another great bonus!


David Varela — Psy 201/Bisc 102

Major: Psychology

About me: I am a senior from Coldwater, Mississippi. Aside from majoring in Psychology, I am minoring in Biology and Chemistry in hopes of attending medical school to pursue neurology. Although I devote much of my time to school, I do spend some of my time volunteering at an adult recreational center and nursing homes. SI has been extremely helpful in the past and I hope others are able to benefit. Each session is used to review the concepts in class and to make sure that each student is understanding in order to excel in the class.


Jordan Healy – SI Mentor

Major: Biochemistry

About me: I am Jordan Healy and I am a junior biochemistry major. I hope to attend Medical School to further pursue my goal of becoming a physician. I currently assist with Supplemental Instruction with General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry as well as assisting with some administrative tasks. I also am an undergraduate research volunteer with the Biology Department. I assist on research with White Spotted Bamboo sharks. I enjoy spending time with my family when I have the chance to go home to the beautiful Gulf Coast.






Leigha Coke – SI Mentor

Major: B.S. in Biology

About me: I am a bio major from Star, MS. I am involved on campus in the Honors College and as a Luckyday Scholar. I have plans to attend Graduate School upon graduation to achieve a Master’s degree in Biology. Currently, I do research with Dr. Christopher Leary on treefrogs! SI has helped me gain connections and create study habits in all of my courses


John Heard – Chem 221/222

Major: Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

About me: I am from Columbia, Tennessee. I have been a community assistant since my sophomore year and will continue to be a CA as a senior this year. I have also served as the Vice President of the chess club on campus this past year. I am a member of both the American Medical Student Association as well as Alpha Epsilon Delta. After graduating, I hope to attend medical school at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi. I have been attending SI since my freshman year of college. SI really helped me to become a better student, and greatly improved my study skills across all my classes. The SI program is a great way to reinforce the material learned in class and to learn to work with other students to gain a deeper understanding of the material.

Mollie Bradford – Spanish 211

Majors: International Studies and Spanish

About me: I am a senior from Tupelo, Mississippi, majoring in International Studies and Spanish.  Having spent the majority of my childhood in Peru, Spanish has been an important part of my life.  I discovered a passion for it in high school and decided to continue to study it in college.  My love for it has only grown as I have taken classes at Ole Miss and have studied abroad in Spain for a semester.  I believe Spanish is an important skill to have and I am eager to share my passion with others.

Jessica Crump – Spanish 111

Major: Psychology

About me: I am a senior psychology major with minors in Spanish, Chemistry and Biology. I’m headed to medical school after a gap year of traveling South America in 2019. I’ve lived in many places in the south but I’ve now spent most of life in the Madison-Ridgeland area of MS. I’m really involved on campus and enjoy playing volleyball or just playing outside in general.