SI Leaders

SI leaders are students who have attended special SI-training and have taken the course you are taking now. Their professors recommended them for SI because they used good strategies to do well in this course.


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Accountancy 201/202 Patrick Waters
SI Mentor Jordan Healy
Biology 206/207 (Britson) Caroline Hennig
SI Mentor Leigha Coke
Biology 102 (Johnson) Mackenzie Reilly
Biology 102 (Jackson) Katherine Williston
Biology 160/162 (Symula) Chase Lance
SI Mentor Taylor Ferris
Chemistry 221 (Safo) Lexi Glaser
Chemistry 101 (Scott) Ryan Higgins
Chemistry 105/106 (Rowland) Sierra Greiner
Bisc 102 (Goulet) Victoria Inghram
Biology 160/162 (Symula) Blake Hicks
Chemistry 105/106 (Rowland) Xena Williams
Chemistry 221/222 (Rowland) Harshin Sanjanwala
Chemistry 221/222 (Rowland) Brandon McDaniel
Psychology 201 (Smith) Mary Wiggers
Chemistry 105/106 (Oneal) Tony Van
Chemistry 105/106 (Wigington) Jordan Zarzaur
Chemistry 105/106 (Rowland) Joey Davis
Accountancy 201/202 Dylan Wood
Psy 201 (Smith) Hayley Rank
Biology 206/207 (Britson) Samantha Irwin
Biology 102 (Copp) Alex Daigler



SI Leader Bios


Patrick watersPatrick Waters – ACCY 201/202

Major: B.Accy. in Accountancy

About me: I am a sophomore accounting major from St. Louis, MO. I enjoy golf, tennis, and SEC football.

Lexi Glaser – CHEM 221 Leader (Safo)

Major: Biochemistry

About me: I’m a senior from St. Louis, Missouri, studying biochemistry with minors in psychology and biology.  Here at Ole Miss, I am the Chief Operating Officer for Kappa Alpha Theta and the Secretary to the Vice President for Women’s Club Soccer, while also being involved with AED, AMSA, SMACS, and NSCS.  I can’t wait to share the study skills and tricks I’ve learned over the years through my SI sessions!

Jordan Healy – SI Mentor

Major: Biochemistry

About me: I am Jordan Healy and I am a junior biochemistry major. I hope to attend Medical School to further pursue my goal of becoming a physician. I currently assist with Supplemental Instruction with General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry as well as assisting with some administrative tasks. I also am an undergraduate research volunteer with the Biology Department. I assist on research with White Spotted Bamboo sharks. I enjoy spending time with my family when I have the chance to go home to the beautiful Gulf Coast.

Ryan Higgins – CHEM 101 Leader (Scott)

Major: B.A. in Biochemistry

About me: I’m a senior from Houston. Texas. I am studying Biochemistry with minors in Mathematics, Biology and Physics. When I graduate, I am hoping to go to Dental school. I’m the treasurer for the Student Members of the American Chemical Society, and I want to get other students excited about Chemistry!

Chase Lance – BISC 160/162 Leader (Symula)

Major: B.S. in Forensic Chemistry

About me: I am a sophomore pre-dental Forensic Chemistry major from Peachtree City, Georgia. I attended SI frequently as a freshman, which taught me how to study and how to be successful in difficult courses. I was able to perform well in this course, because of SI and I believe I can assist you all with some advice and strategies to conquer this course without all of the unnecessary stress. I hope to see you at my sessions.

Sierra Greiner – CHEM 105/106 Leader (Rowland)

Major: B.S. in Forensic Chemistry

About me: Hi! My name is Sierra Greiner and I am a sophomore majoring in Forensic Chemistry with a minor in Spanish. I am from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am a Supplemental Instruction leader for General Chemistry! Fun fact about myself: I am a second degree black belt in Karate and have been training in the martial arts for 11 years. I look forward to meeting you at one of my sessions!

Tony Van – CHEM 105/106 Leader (Oneal)

Major: Biochemistry

About me: I’m a junior from Madison, MS majoring in biochemistry and double minoring in biology and computer science. I’m on the Men’s Volleyball team here at Ole Miss and I’m an SI leader for Chem 105.

Joey Davis – CHEM 105/106 Leader (Rowland)

Major: B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences

About me: I am from Brookhaven, MS where I studied classical music and dance at Mississippi School of the Arts. At Ole Miss, I am the Assistant Academic Chair of Phi Mu Fraternity, and a member of RASA, APha, Provost Scholars, as well as many other organizations on campus. Upon graduating from undergraduate school, I plan to use my Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences to apply for medical school and pursue a career as a surgeon. My love for chemistry influenced me to become an SI Leader to show others how studying in a student led group setting can make the subject easier to understand and even fun!

Jordan Zarzaur – CHEM 105/106 Leader (Wigington)

Major: Forensic Chemistry and Psychology

About me: Hey, everyone! My name is Jordan Zarzaur and I am a sophomore here at Ole Miss studying forensic chemistry and psychology. I am planning on going to graduate school to study toxicology, and eventually I want to work at a forensic crime lab. I am involved in many organizations on campus: I am an orientation leader, an ASB Comptroller, Lambda Sigma volunteer, an MPOWER mentor, and an SI Leader. SI is a wonderful opportunity to better yourself with the knowledge obtained in class and collaborate with students who are also taking the same course. Attending these sessions has shown to improve grades and understand better the information that you have learned.

Harshin Sanjanwala – CHEM 222 (Rowland)

Major: Pre-Pharmacy

About me: Feel free to call me Hershey. I’m a junior from Madison, MS and I really enjoy playing volleyball. I’m in the honors college and this year I’ll be doing some research on solar cells. Being an SI Leader has changed my life – and I hope that in some way I can help students not only succeed…. But also enjoy the learning experience. I’m very excited to start this new path in my life as we test the SI waters with Organic Chemistry.

Brandon McDaniel – CHEM 222 (Rowland)

Major: Pre-Pharmacy

About me: Hi! My name is Brandon McDaniel, and I am a junior pre-pharmacy major. I am currently involved with the Resetarits Lab studying aquatic ecology. Outside of lab, I am the fundraising chair for Medlife- a club that promotes free healthcare for impoverished communities. During the spring semester, I help plan and recruitment members for the University of Mississippi’s Relay for Life. When I am not studying, I enjoy traveling, cooking, and watching the New England Patriots.

Xena Williams – CHEM 105/106 Leader (Rowland)

Major: B.S. in Forensic Chemistry

About me: Hello! I am a senior forensic chemistry major from Auburn, Indiana. I am highly involved and a captain of the Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team here at Ole Miss as well as several honors societies. I will be a CHEM 105/106 leader for my third year. I have had a lot of success in my past two years as a leader and hope to continue that for my final year here at Ole Miss.

Katherine Williston – BISC 102 Leader (Jackson)

Major: Accounting

About me: Hey everyone! I’m Kat Williston and I’m from Lafayette, TN. I am a junior here at Ole Miss and I am majoring in accounting. As you can see, I am not a biology major, but I am a biology SI instructor! This is because SI helped me master the material for my BISC 102 class and I wanted to do the same for other students. Can’t wait to see y’all in SI!

Dylan Wood (3)Dylan Wood – ACCY 201/202

Major: B.S. in Chemistry

About me: I am a sophomore from Tupelo Mississippi. I am seeking a BA in mathematics. After graduation I hope to go to medical school. I am a member of Delta Psi fraternity, MEDLIFE, and AED medical honor society. Last semester when I attended SI sessions for BISC 160 I saw a dramatic increase in my grade.

Mackenzie Reilly – BISC 102 (Johnson)

Major: B.S. in Biology

About me: I am a sophomore from Macon, Missouri. After receiving my undergraduate, I plan to attend medical school. As a freshman, I attended SI sessions that greatly enhanced my success and growth in the class. I learned new study habits and ways of approaching the material that I hope to pass on. I highly encourage all students to attend SI sessions, not only to better their grade, but to become a better student, too. I can’t wait to see you there!

Leigha Coke (2)Leigha Coke – SI Mentor

Major: B.S. in Biology

About me: I am a Biology major from Star, Mississippi. I’m involved with the Club Soccer team as the philanthropy chair, a Luckyday and Provost Scholar. I also work as a Community Desk Assistant for Student Housing. I went to SI for Bisc 102, and it helped me develop study skills that I use regularly for all of my classes. This is my first year as an SI leader, and I am excited to share that experience with others.

Caroline Hennig – BISC 206/207 (Britson)

Major: Exercise Science

About me: My name is Caroline Hennig, and I am from Mobile, Alabama. I’m about to start my junior year with a major in Exercise Science in hopes of attending nursing school after I graduate. Currently, I am a member of Kappa Delta sorority and a Provost scholar. I decided to be an SI leader when I attended for BISC 206 and 207 and realized how much each session enhanced my knowledge. Attending SI sessions clarified material, gave me alternative study methods and held me accountable for the information. I am very excited to be able to pass on my study techniques to the students going through this course and aid them in reaching their full potential.

Samantha Irwin – BISC 206/207 (Britson)

Major: Exercise Science

About me: Hey all! I am currently a junior Exercise Science major, minoring in Biology. I’m hoping to attend PA school following graduation next spring. After attending SI, I really saw the impact it had on my success in class. In being an SI leader, I am excited to pass on the study strategies that I gained through attending SI sessions.

Victoria Inghram – BISC 102 (Goulet)

Major: Dietetics and Nutrition

About me: I am a junior from Springfield, IL majoring in Dietetics and Nutrition. I plan to go to graduate school and get my masters so that I can become a register dietitian (RD). I am a member of the Honors College and am also an Ole Miss Wellness Ambassador. I am going to be an SI Leader for PSY 201 and I am looking forward to doing so! SI has helped me so much in previous classes. I know that I wouldn’t have gotten the grade that I did if I did not go to the SI sessions. I highly encourage you to attend SI sessions for your course, you will not regret it!

IMG_0317Taylor Ferris – SI Mentor

Major: B.A. in Biochemistry

About Me: I am a B.A. Biochemistry major. I am from New Orleans, LA. I plan on attending medical school after I’m finished with my undergraduate here at Ole Miss. I’m really excited about being an SI leader for this upcoming year, and I hope to see you at my sessions.

Alex Daigler – BISC 102 (Copp)

Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders

About me: I’m from Hattiesburg, Mississippi. I plan to earn my CSD degree at Ole Miss and attend UMMC in Jackson, MS to gain my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. At Ole Miss, I’m highly involved with College Corps and Family Literacy, which allows me to go to public schools in the Oxford/Lafayette community and tutor children. I’m excited to be involved with SI because it’s not only a great way to learn how to study, but also a great way to make social connections in your class!

Blake Hicks – BISC 160/162 (Symula)

Major: Pre-Pharmacy/B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences

About me: I am a sophomore pre-pharmacy student from Carterville, Illinois. I hope to attend pharmacy school after completing this year at Ole Miss. I took BISC 160 and 162 as a freshman, and I was able to complete the course with the help of SI. SI taught me valuable study strategies and time management skills that not only bettered me as a biology student, but also as a student in general. By regularly attending SI, I was able to boost my grade in the course and gain knowledge that would have otherwise been unattainable. I hope you give SI a shot because it is proven to work!

Mary Wiggers – PSY 201 (Smith)

Major: Psychology

About me: I’m a senior from Oxford, MS majoring in psychology with a minor in history. I hope to attend nursing school after my B.A. with my primary interest being in psychiatric nursing. I’m huge dog lover and really excited to be apart of the SI team this semester! I hope to see you there!

Hayley Rank – PSY 201 (Smith)

Major: Nursing

About me: I am currently a junior from Meridian, MS, and I am studying nursing and minoring in math. SI sessions were always a great place for me to work in groups and use my own skills to answer questions and become more familiar with the information with the help of the leader guiding me. I am very excited to have the opportunity to lead the Math 261 SI sessions, because I know it can be difficult to understand, but once you are able to understand the class you can actually enjoy it.