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SI leaders are students who have attended special SI-training and have taken the course you are taking now. Their professors recommended them for SI because they used good strategies to do well in this course.


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Accountancy 201/202 Patrick Waters
Accountancy 201/202 Evan Turner
SI Mentor Trey Dickinson
Biology 102 (Carr) Leigha Coke
Biology 102 (Goulet) Caleb Carroll
Biology 102 (Copp) Sara Williston
Biology 102 (Bensen) Adam Neilander
Biology 160/162 (Symula) Taylor Ferris
Biology 160/162 (Symula) Breeley Sellier
Chemistry 106 (O’Neal) Michelle Basha
Biology 206/207 (Britson) Kelsey Downie
Biology 160/162 (Symula) Jack Mason
Biology 102 (Stratton) Alex Spivey
Chemistry 106 (Rowland) Xena Williams
Chemistry 106 (Wiginton) Danielle McGrew
Chemistry 101 (Rowland) Harshin Sanjanwala
Chemistry 105 (Rowland) Mary Fratesi
Chemistry 105 (Antony/Scott) Dylan Wood
Math 26 (Harville) MaryScott Polk
Biology 206/207 (Britson) Kaylie Brown
Chemistry 106 (Jurss) Brayley Sellier



SI Leader Bios


Patrick watersPatrick Waters – ACCY 201/202

Major: B.Accy. in Accountancy

About me: I am a sophomore accounting major from St. Louis, MO. I enjoy golf, tennis, and SEC football.

Adam Neilander – BISC 102 (Bensen)

Major: B.A. in Biochemistry

About me: I am a junior from Chicago, Illinois. I am the SI leader for Biology 104. I attended SI sessions when I took biology and learned lots of beneficial skills that to this day help me inside & even outside the classroom. I have lots of great study techniques that I am extremely excited to share in my sessions. See you in the classroom!

Breeley_2Breeley Sellier – BISC 160/162 Leader (Symula)

Major: B.A. in Biology

About me: I am a biology major form Kiln, MS. After I graduate, I plan on attending optometry school. I attended SI when I was a freshman, and it was extremely beneficial. It set aside time each week to study and helped get a deeper understanding of the material and gain better studying strategies. At each session there was an activity that required in depth thinking which improved my performance on the tests. By going to SI each week, the course was not as stressful as it could have been. Studying styles from high school to college definitely have to change, and SI helps with this transition. SI can truly help everyone.

jack masonJack Mason – BISC 160/162 Leader (Symula)

Major: B.A. in Biology

About me: I am sophomore studying pre-med biology. I am leading SI for Biology 160/162 in the fall ad spring semester. Having done fairly well in both classes, I feel comfortable enough to lead and share my experiences with students enduring the same course. I am looking forward to what’s in store.

harshin sanjanwalaHarshin Sanjanwala – CHEM 101 (Rowland)

Major: Pre-Pharmacy

About me: Hello! I am a Sophomore Pre-Pharmacy major who loves to play volleyball and study chemistry. I am part of the Vietnamese Student Association, and I am also interested in becoming a Freshman Council Mentor this upcoming year. This year is a very exciting time in my life, and I am proud to be an SI Leader for the wonderful Dr. Scott!

Kaylie Brown – BISC 206/207 (Britson)

Major: B.S.E.S. in Exercise Science

About me: I am a junior exercise science major from Collierville, TN. I am a member of Kappa Delta sorority and I hope to attend PT school after graduation. I attended SI sessions regularly last year for Bisc 206 and 207 and it really helped me stay on top of my work. I hope to be able to pass on the study habits I have developed to help you be successful in this challenging class!

Evan2Evan Turner – ACCY 201/202

Major: B.Accy. in Accountancy

About me: I am from Virginia Beach, Virginia. On campus, I am involved as the Treasurer of Delta Psi Fraternity, mentor for MoneyThink, which is a program designed to teach financial literal literacy to high school students, as well as other organizations and projects on campus. Upon graduating, I plan to pursue a Masters Degree in Accountancy and pursue a career in the field of public accounting. SI is a great opportunity for students to work together , collaborate, and ask questions to extend their classroom experience and work together for a deeper understanding of Accounting. The program creates an environment that helps students practice what they learn in class in order to perform better on tests and exams.

Michelle Basha – CHEM 106 Leader (O’Neal)

Major: B.A. in Biochemistry

About me: I am a sophomore from Clarksdale, MS. I am majoring in biology (BA) and minoring in chemistry. I attended SI frequently my freshman year, and it really helped me adapt to my college classes. I also made many friends in my classes by attending SI sessions. I am an SI leader for Chem 106 with Dr. O’Neal this semester, and I hope to help you all in the same way!
Xena2Xena Williams – CHEM 106 (Rowland)

Major: B.S. in Forensic Chemistry

About me: I am a sophomore from Auburn, Indiana. Last year I attended SI for chemistry and biology. I found that the sessions helped me to become more self sufficient by introducing me to several techniques of learning that helped me build successful study habits. After graduation I plan to attend graduate school where I will specialize in toxicology.

SarahW-2Sara Williston – BISC 102 Leader (Copp)

Major: B.S. in Communication Sciences & Disorders

About me: I am a sophomore CSD major from Lafayette, TN. I am passionate about saving babies with the Rebels for Life, working out at Oxford Crossfit, and hanging out with my friends at the DG house. This is my first year as an SI Leader for Bio 102 with Mrs. Jackson and I’m so excited to have the chance to help students reach their potential.

Dylan Wood (3)Dylan Wood – CHEM 105 (Antony/Scott)

Major: B.S. in Chemistry

About me: I am a sophomore from Tupelo Mississippi. I am seeking a BA in mathematics. After graduation I hope to go to medical school. I am a member of Delta Psi fraternity, MEDLIFE, and AED medical honor society. Last semester when I attended SI sessions for BISC 160 I saw a dramatic increase in my grade.

CalebCarroll2Caleb Carroll – BISC 102 (Goulet)

Major: B.S. in Biology

About me: I am a Junior from Birmingham, Alabama. I am a Biology major with a Chemistry minor taking pre-Med classes. I am an executive member of my fraternity, serve on the Intrafraternal Council, and have served on Associated Student Body senate, as well as other student and philanthropy organizations such as Student Alumni Council and Coaching for Literacy. Through this involvement I have learned many effective study techniques that I eagerly pass on to my SI students.

Leigha Coke (2)Leigha Coke – BISC 102 (Carr)

Major: B.S. in Biology

About me: I am a Biology major from Star, Mississippi. I’m involved with the Club Soccer team as the philanthropy chair, a Luckyday and Provost Scholar. I also work as a Community Desk Assistant for Student Housing. I went to SI for Bisc 102, and it helped me develop study skills that I use regularly for all of my classes. This is my first year as an SI leader, and I am excited to share that experience with others.

Trey_2Trey Dickinson – SI Mentor

Major: B.A. in Biology

About me: I am a sophomore biology major from Braxton, Mississippi planning on entering UMMC’s Physical Therapy School after I finish undergraduate courses. I took biology last year and did really well. I am really excited to be one of the Bisc 102 SI leaders this year. My sessions will be fun and helpful!

Kelsey2Kelsey Downie – BISC 206/207 (Britson)

Major: B.S.E.S. in Exercise Science

About me: I am a junior from Tampa, Florida.I’m involved with hospice volunteer work and Greek life, and I like to stay active. My plans are to go on to Nursing School.

IMG_0317Taylor Ferris – BISC 160/162 (Symula)

Major: B.A. in Biochemistry

About Me: I am a B.A. Biochemistry major. I am from New Orleans, LA. I plan on attending medical school after I’m finished with my undergraduate here at Ole Miss. I’m really excited about being an SI leader for this upcoming year, and I hope to see you at my sessions.

Brayley Sellier – CHEM 106 (Jurss)

Major: B.S.Ch.E. in Chemical Engineering

About me: I am a chemical engineering major from Kiln, MS.  I will be graduating in May and joining the workforce.  I really enjoy chemistry and believe that I make a good SI Leader for Chem 106.  Freshman year, I attended SI, and it helped me transition from studying for high school classes to studying for college classes.  I hope my sessions can help students in the same way that SI helped me.

fratesiMary Fratesi – CHEM 105 (Rowland)

Major: B.A. in Chemistry

About me: I am a junior from Leland, MS with majors in Chemistry and Spanish and with minors in Biology and Society and Population Health.  I will be an SI Leader for CHEM 101 with Dr. Emily Rowland.  SI helped me so much in my chemistry classes so I encourage you to come and I’d love to help you with whatever questions you have!

Danielle McGrew – Chem 106 Leader (Wiginton)

Major: Pre-Pharmacy

About me: I am a sophomore from Gulfport, MS. As a freshman, I frequently attended SI sessions for chemistry and biology. SI was an outlet for me to set aside time to study, understand material that I struggled with, and develop better study strategies – while making a few friends along the way. It is my hope to create a relaxed and fun environment where students can come together and master the skills they need to excel in their class. SI has proven to be very beneficial to myself and many others. I’m excited to begin my first year as an SI leader, and I hope to see you at my sessions!

Alex Spivey – BISC 102 (Stratton)

Major: B.A. in Biology

About me: I am a senior Biology major with minors in Spanish and chemistry. My focus is pre-medicine and I hope to attend medical school following graduation. I am originally from Nashville, TN and first came to Ole Miss for Biology Bootcamp my freshman year. I heard that my courses were pretty difficult, and I was not too big on studying. I was introduced to the SI program through Bootcamp and it tremendously helped me both with my specific courses and with study habits and time management. After my great experience with SI, I became a Biology 102 SI leader my junior year and am back once again for my senior year. Hope to see lots of new faces soon!

MaryScott Polk – MATH 262 (Harville)

Major: B.E. in Engineering

About me: I am a general engineering major in the honors college with plans to attend law school. I attended SI for the classes that offered it my freshman year and found it to be extremely beneficial. I am an SI leader for Math 261.


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