History of the Center

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning was envisioned by the Provost and established by a faculty committee in 2006. The committee stated that such a Center would make three immediate and significant contributions to The University of Mississippi’s intellectual environment:

  • A reiteration through its presence and activities of the University’s commitment to educational excellence;
  • Quality support for all faculty and graduate students wishing to enhance their instructional methods; and
  • Encouragement of partnering and resource sharing across disciplines.

Acting on the recommendation of the committee, the Office of the Provost opened the Center in February 2007 under the direction of its first director, Dr. Johnny W. Lott. Today the Center is staffed by Dr. Nancy Wiggers, Learning Specialist, Dr. Rebekah Reysen, Learning Specialist and Ms. Sarah Hill, Staff Assistant. Additionally, the Center employs several undergraduate and graduate students to assist with its various programs.


The mission of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning is to promote exemplary teaching and effective learning at the University of Mississippi. The Center serves the University by being a resource, providing a forum for the discussion of research, implementing ideas for practices central to the teaching and learning processes, and facilitating professional development for faculty to empower students for lifelong learning.


The primary purpose of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning is to improve student learning on the campus of The University of Mississippi. The Center serves all teaching faculty including tenure-track faculty, visiting faculty, adjunct faculty, and graduate teaching assistants and instructors. The Center also serves students interested in improving their learning skills. Services provided fall into three areas: support services, program coordination, and interdisciplinary facilitation.