Resources on Teaching

This page contains a list of PDF documents related to teaching: student learning, learning objectives, teaching methods, assessment methods; how to develop a teaching portfolio, etc. It also includes information on the Teacher Behavior Checklist (TBC) and how to upload it into Blackboard. The TBC is a great way to get feedback from students on how you are doing while you can still adjust your teaching style.

Bloom’s Taxonomy

Classroom Assessment Techniques Chart

Classroom Incivility

Classroom Response Systems

Constructive Alignment Grid

Crouch-Mazur Peer Instruction

Delivering Effective Lectures


Flipped Classroom


IDEA Paper: Multiple Choice Tests

IDEA Paper: PAPERS list

IDEA Paper: Reading

IDEA Paper: Speaking Skills

IDEA Paper: Student Goal Orientation

IDEA Paper: The Technology Literate Professoriate

Learning Notes

Supplemental Instruction

Teacher Behavior Checklist

Teaching Portfolio